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Now the hot weather is coming, small make up remind everyone ready to heat, of course, to give yourself the heat at the same time, air compressor users also don’t forget to give their own work on “heat” Screw Air Compressor, small make up below analysis under the screw air compressor high temperature causes:

1. The surrounding environment impact: screw air compressor air compressor with other heat sources, air compressor is placed near the air circulation is not smooth, lead to condensation heat, air compressor, when the chance that baffle not closing, leads to the formation of a fan is not strong cooling airflow;

2. Internal causes of screw air compressor:

A). The air compressor radiator is blocked: during the long operation of the air compressor, the surrounding dust is relatively large, resulting in the surface adhesion of the radiator with a layer of dust and oil scale, which affects the heat dissipation effect.

B). Oil filter is too dirty: the oil filter is too dirty, and it is difficult for the lubricating oil to enter the air compressor normally.

C). The cooling oil surface is too low.

D) the quality of lube is not good.

E). Excessive exhaust pressure: if the exhaust pressure exceeds the rated pressure, the long-term operation will result in a sharp increase in the overloading temperature of the air compressor and the shutdown.


The hot weather is coming, what are the solutions for the high temperature of the screw air compressor?


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