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Screw Air Compressor lubrication system general main spindle and motor gear pump gear oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler, the oil in the crankcase box, plunger type oiler, connecting pipe and other parts.The reason for the low pressure of screw air compressor is that one or more components of these components fail or are damaged.The reasons for low lubricating oil pressure of common screw air compressor are as follows:

Screw Air Compressor

1. The oil pressure gauge of the screw air compressor is not correct;

2. Low oil level and insufficient oil;

3. Blockage of oil filter box or oil filter in the crankcase;

4. The lubricating oil quality is not in accordance with the regulations;

5. Excessive wear gap of crankshaft connecting rod;

6. Excessive wear gap of oil pump gear;

7. Oil pump shaft oil seal wear;

What about the low pressure of the screw compressor?


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