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The selection of air compressor is very important to both the user and the air compressor equipment. The selection too large is too wasteful, and the type selection too small may cause the air compressor to be in the state of loading for a long time or not to use gas or pressure to go up, and so on. Air compressor selection generally follows the following steps: first, determine the working pressure, then determine the corresponding volume flow, and finally the power supply capacity.

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Selection of Screw Air Compressor: first step: determining working pressure
When the air compressor is selected, we must first determine the working pressure needed by the air end, add the allowance of 1-2 bar, and then choose the pressure of the air compressor. Of course, the size of the pipe path and the number of turning points are also the factors that affect the pressure loss. The greater the pipe path and the less turning point, the smaller the pressure loss, and vice versa, the pressure. The greater the loss.
Therefore, when the distance between the air compressor and each gas end pipeline is too far away, the path of the main path should be properly enlarged. If the environmental conditions conform to the installation requirements of the air compressor and the conditions permit, it can be installed near the gas end.
Second steps of air compressor selection: determining corresponding volume flow rate
1, when selecting the air compressor, we should first understand the volume flow of all the gas consuming equipment, and multiply the total volume of the flow by 1.2.
2, to understand the volume flow parameters of gas consumption equipment and select the type of air compressor.
3. The transformation of air compressor station can refer to the original parameter value and the actual gas consumption.
Third steps of air compressor selection: determine power supply capacity
When the power is constant, when the speed changes, the volume flow and the working pressure also change correspondingly. The speed is reduced, and the exhaust is correspondingly reduced, and so on.
The selection power of screw air compressor is to meet the working pressure and volume flow capacity, and the power supply capacity can meet the power used by the matching driving motor.

Three steps of type selection of screw air compressor


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