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• moderately needed talent elements:
The talent that seeks must like retail trade, have good communication ability, flexibility, can challenge different post ceaselessly, have entrepreneur spirit, have sense of responsibility, integrity and so on individual quality.
1.Shared Value (Shared business philosophy)
To be able to resonate with the basic concepts of “customer-oriented, peace-oriented, respecting human beings, contributing to the region”, and be able to act on them.
2.Challenge&Innonvation (challenge & innovation)
A person with the spirit of challenge, the courage to fail and the courage to innovate.
3.Leadership&Ownership (Leadership&Ownership)
The most important thing to understand in the retail industry is the stores, which can fully grasp the latest situation of the scene, customer-oriented, and give play to the most important entrepreneurial spirit of the retail industry.
“What it means to be an entrepreneur is to be able to keep your energy and your faith alive in many uncertain factors, and to be responsible for your actions.”
Autonomy (self discipline)
A person who ACTS consciously and autonomously, has decision-making power, and is responsible for the results.
Based on the spirit of self-discipline, self-improvement and self-study, we keep thinking and making progress. In addition to the learning opportunities provided by the company, I also have the ability to learn and research by myself.



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